33 year old Crimean attorney general Natalia Poklonskaya has captured the hearts of Japanese netizens after a 39 second interview video on Youtube caught their attention, generating much fanfare because of her pretty looks.

In a matter of days, fanarts of Natalia Poklonskaya sprang up on Pixiv (keyword: “ナタリア・ポクロンスカヤ”).


Source: Pixiv

Some of the amusing comments made by Japanese netizens:

"Please cross examine me harshly!"

"I don’t really know what’s going on, but I back her! Because she’s gorgeous!"

"She just looks like a child doing cosplay to me."

"Summon me for questioning! I’ll tell you everything I know! I’ll even tell you everything I don’t know!"


Source: Pixiv

And the most d’aaawww worthy fanart of all: image Source: Pixiv

Anyone thinks she looks like a character from Attack On Titan?

Also posted in Imgur

UPDATE! Click here for more fanarts of Natalia Poklonskaya!

Meet beautiful Russian women today!

(Source: en.rocketnews24.com)

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