Makidera Kaede is probably the most underrated side character in Fate Stay Night. I’m glad the new Unlimited Blade Works TV series gave her more screentime, and hopefully we’ll see more of Class-2A’s trio in the coming episodes.

Sengoku Nadeko x Kryptek Mandrake

What an appropriate time to post this as Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda song is trending :P

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Anime girls already got their Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones before you do!


>Be in the Airforce

>1st Sergeant comes in for room inspection

>Does not hide power levels


In case anyone’s curious how his room looks like:

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Aldnoah Zero Season 2 teaser. Upon closer audio examination, one could hear the voices of Marito, Inko, Rayet, Yuki, and Magbaredge in the teaser.

Inaho and Princess Asseylum’s status remains unconfirmed.


Halloween came a little early.

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Appleseed Alpha seems to be a retelling of the earlier Appleseed movie from 2004, but with a redesigned Deunan and Briareos present with her from the beginning. The voice acting of Appleseed Alpha appears to be straight to English dub, but the casting choices are stellar (I nearly thought it was David Hayter who voiced Briareos, but it’s someone else), so expect your ears to be safe from any cringeworthy high-pitched voices.

Watchable as a straight-up action flick for boring weekends but not much in the story department (anyone who had seen previous Appleseed movies should already expect this). The epilogue of this movie suggests there may be a sequel in the works.

SPOILERS: Olympus has yet to discover both of them, and the existence of that city remains largely a mystery for the pair.

MISC: Love the tricked out futuristic M4!

The GM Sniper II may have a rough debut in Libot Colony, but elsewhere in the One Year War and post-OYW, it was a superb high performance mobile suit favoured by elite Earth Federation pilots.

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Want to feel emotionally and mentally crushed in deep suffering? Then you might want to give a shot cosplaying as Slaine Troyard from Aldnoah Zero at any upcoming anime conventions near you!


ALDNOAH ZERO Slaine Troyard Uniform Cosplay Costume

Piloted by Kaizuka Inaho, the KG-6 Sleipnir went into a hasty yet planned battle against Argyre, luring the Martian Cataphract into a crane trap.

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